A day-long crash course in key retail techniques, brought to life through world-class retail spaces.

The future of physical retail is about experience, so doesn’t it make sense to experience it?

There’s simply no better way to learn about fantastic retailing than exploring the stores that set the benchmark. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just starting out, this crash-course will arm you with an understanding of the very best timeless retail principles.

Experience the world’s best retail spaces in person, whilst learning about:

  • Bringing brand values to life in-store
  • Great customer service and staffing
  • Visual merchandising in world leading spaces
  • Valuable long-term initiatives and exciting quick wins
  • In-store technology that’s worth investing in
  • Techniques for getting customers into a store and keeping them there
  • The latest retail trends and innovations

“The things you’ve shown us in London today will probably appear in other European cities in about four years’ time. It’s as close to stepping into the future as we can get.”
– Jorge Magaña, Co Owner, Segway Madrid

Who is it for?

From retailer graduate programmes to retail designers to store owners, individuals to small groups, the Retail 101 tour is for anyone wanting an overview of the best of retail in London. With plenty of valuable insights to takeaway, both British brands and overseas businesses can learn a lot.

“We came to find inspiration for our new major project. We needed to see the best of what’s happening in the world, but we had no time to go on a world tour. London’s a global city – you’ve showed us the best of what’s happening worldwide in a few hours. It’s been great.”
– David Hagelin, Creative Director at a Swedish Advertising Agency

Key details

How long is the tour?

Six hours (normally 10am-4pm) including some time for lunch

All tours are organised for a date and time of your choice and run privately for your group.


Where does it take place?

The Retail 101 tour takes place in central London. New York, Berlin and Paris tours are available on request.

Please enquire about bespoke tours and tours in other cities.


How much does it cost?

For a group of 1-4 people – a flat fee of £500 + VAT (excludes the price of lunch)

For 5 or more people – £125 + VAT per person (excludes the price of lunch)

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“Insider Trends brought us insight into the latest retail trends, both online and offline. The JWT team of planners, ranging from very senior to quite young, found the session inspiring, interesting and useful. Its breadth and expertise made it well worth the time and the fees. I’d highly recommend it to anyone to whom the retail environment is relevant.”
– Shekhar Deshpande, Global Planning Director, JWT


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