An end-to-end package to make your reopening watertight. Covid-proof your retail business now!

coronavirus strategy package for reopening retail stores

“I have no interest in opening and closing again… To be in operation for just a few months sets up another costly reopening.”

– Aaron Seyedian, Founder, Well-Paid Maids

With national lockdowns predicted to lift, now is the time to map out your store reopening strategy.

Getting it right and maximising profits is a tricky balancing act.

If you reopen too late, you miss out on sales.
If you reopen too quickly, you may have to close stores again, wasting time and money.
If you reopen without considering all the details, staff and public health may be at risk.


No one knows exactly what the future holds, but planning today means you can hit the ground running when the lockdown lifts.

coronavirus retail reopening strategy package

Our end-to-end strategy package will ensure you get reopening right.

It brings together the best of our expert research, global best practice, and our process to pinpoint what will and won’t work for your business. All insights and recommendations will be tailored to your sector and your business.


We’ll work with you to pinpoint:

WHEN you should reopen. Even with a number of unknowns ahead, we can identify signposts to simplify your team’s future decision making.

HOW to reopen. We’ll work with you to develop an execution plan, covering all the details such as:
        • Supply chain – from key issues to quick wins, we’ll help you address challenges and plug gaps

        • What to adapt in store – from staff policies, to social distancing, to in-store technology, to details such as
           changing rooms, services and customer bathrooms

        • Omnichannel approach – boost in-store sales and customer confidence by linking online and offline retail
           in new ways

        • Communication – making customers aware of your reopening and ensuring they feel confident in stores

WHO should help you. We’ve got a myriad of connections with fantastic retail design and retail tech companies who can execute high-quality initiatives quickly. Some projects typically take 6-8 MONTHS – our partners have gone from zero to finished piece in 10 DAYS.

Once we’ve developed the plan, we’ll support you on its execution. We’ll point out signposts as they arise, and can loan you our action-obsessed Project Managers to ensure that the strategy is perfectly executed.


coronavirus and COVID-19 retail strategy consultancy package

We’ll work with you, guiding you, advising you and structuring your thinking. This will give you the best of both worlds – an in-depth understanding of your business, combined with external best practice, structure and inspirational examples.

We’re certain that you’ll get fantastic value for money from this package. So certain that we’ll give you your money back if you don’t agree.


Get in touch to discuss how we can help you. From our very first call, we’ll ask questions and make suggestions to move your thinking forward.


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