Data-driven strategic recommendations

Be number one for the missions that matter. And do it through a handful of simple, specific actions. This comprehensive, unique service blends eye-opening data with our strategic expertise.

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About this service

Think of your most important shopper missions. Are you your customers’ first choice for each?

This comprehensive service combines data and our strategic thinking. It will ensure that you are number one for the missions that matter.

Becoming #1 often comes down to a handful of simple actions. We can show you where to focus and what to do, making it easy to take the lead. We can also show you what to STOP doing – saving you money and time, and letting you reallocate it to the activities that do make a difference.

How it works

  • We work with you to establish a set of key shopping missions, such as Christmas gift, sustainable treat, beauty pick-me-up
  • We help you establish the revenue/profit to be gained by becoming #1 for each mission
  • Our network of gig workers will visit your stores and those of your competitors, completing quantitative surveys about their experience
  • Your website and app, plus those of your competitors, will also be analysed
  • You will discover how your retail experience over- and under-performs related to competitors – across 50+ criteria
  • Our analysis of the data will show how you rank for each mission, related to your competitors
  • We’ll identify the small changes so you stop spending time and money on the initiatives that don’t matter, and focus more on the initiatives that will make you #1
  • We’ll help you take the learnings from this project and apply it to other regions and missions

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For a limited time, medium and large retailers can access a free hour of expert assistance, worth up to £600.

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