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Boost your business’s bottom line by at least £100,000 with our simple step-by-step system for getting ahead of your competitors.

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The future of retail can seem complicated and daunting. Evolving and adapting your business can seem even more so. But resting on your laurels is no longer an option.

So, how can you ensure that your retail business maximises profits and stays the course? By giving us just two days of your time.

We’ll help you take the best in inspiration and trend information and turn it into a simple, powerful action plan that’ll add at least £100,000 to your business’s bottom line.

Through a series of enjoyable processes and modules, our workshops will:

  • Inspire your team
  • Help them explore new perspectives, opportunities, concepts and retail trends
  • Produce innovative new ideas
  • Develop your team’s shorthand for what’s coming next and how you’ll take advantage of it
  • Refine ideas according to realistic constraints
  • Identify ways to overcome barriers
  • Test and improve ideas
  • Agree next steps, actions, responsibilities and timelines
  • Provide ongoing support and connections if desired

Our sessions are as enjoyable as they are useful, for good reason – play and joy lead to gamechanging ideas. We’ve also got some great twists and unusual approaches that can shift your group’s thinking and experiences up a gear.

Whether you’re a group of 4 or 100+, an Insider Trends workshop can supercharge your projects. Our workshops help clients get a 10x return on their innovation investment.

Our workshops

Make money with our workshops

  • Develop gamechanging, practical new ideas to engage customers, grab headlines and boost profits
  • Boost your company’s longevity
  • Move quickly and gain first mover advantage
  • Develop new ways of thinking and working that can be applied to any other project
  • Identify the most effective quick wins to get ahead
  • Prioritise the most impactful long term projects to get ahead
  • Improve team enthusiasm and empowerment
  • Go home with an action plan that clearly lays out what you need to do next

Save money with our workshops

  • Get it right first time – stop wasting time repeating work
  • Pinpoint the right actions and projects to suit your brand and budget
  • Improve team education, information, communication and clarity
  • Connect with the right people faster
  • Learn from others’ mistakes and agree how to minimise risk
  • Go straight from inspiration to action in two days – no more endless meetings, just book the session, show up and go home with an action plan
  • Get the most from your investment in team time and travel – we’ll ensure you get the most from your experience.

Workshops are available as standalone sessions, follow-on sessions after retail safaris, or regular development sessions. Themes include:

  • Key retail trends
  • Futureproof mindsets and structures
  • Better customer journeys
  • In-store and online innovations
  • Quick wins worth thousands

All sessions are designed in response to your specific business, its needs and challenges, so you’ll benefit from every second.


Who we’ve worked with

We’re proud to work with many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers in supporting their retail strategies. We also work with clients in other future-focused sectors such as hospitality, services and B2B.

Our clients include:

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