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What Is the Value of a Pre-packaged E-commerce Solution?


Everyone is talking about composable commerce and pre-packaged solutions, and it’s easy to understand why. The benefits are many. With a solid pre-packaged platform, you can boost time to market and agility to get ahead of your competition.

In this episode, Avensia is joined by Jakob RĂ¥stad, COO at Nordic Nest, to discuss the value of a pre-packaged e-commerce solution and what to consider when selecting a vendor.


How Can You Digitize, Understand, and Optimize Complex Sales in B2B?


The B2B market has shifted fundamentally in recent years, moving away from traditional sales approaches and towards digitization and increased complexity. This trend continues to evolve rapidly. However, it’s still essential to be mindful of cultural and legal differences and their impact on sales processes.

In this episode, Per Rotzius, e-Commerce Advisor, and Ulrik Lilius, Senior Business Advisor at Avensia, discuss how to Digitize, Understand and Optimize complex Sales in B2B.


Why Is Order Management Crucial in Uncertain Times?


Order management has become more critical than ever, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when more customers preferred to shop online from the safety and comfort of their homes. This has led to higher pressure on retailers to meet the customer’s expectations and demands. The current financial volatility is only increasing the need to optimize your operations.

In this episode, Jack Stratten, Head of Trends at Avensia, is joined by Jamie Cairns, Chief Strategy Officer at Fluent Commerce, to discuss the importance of Order Management.