Want a futureproof, successful modern retail business? Join our Modern Commerce Academy

Does your retail business think like a modern, 21st century retailer?

Does it take advantage of new strategies and opportunities to get ahead?

Or is it still trapped in the last century?

It’s time for Modern Commerce.

Our brand-new Modern Commerce Academy offers a new view of retail.

This isn’t your average online retail course.

Through the Modern Commerce Academy, we’re giving away 12 years of our strategic retail learnings – in just 3 weeks.

Developed and led by our retail consultant Cate Trotter, one of the world’s top retail experts, you’ll discover a framework that you can apply to ensure your retail business is effective, profitable and will stay relevant long into the future, no matter what is the flavour of the month.

You’ll even get access to a live Q&A with Cate, a retail tech strategist at Avensia and the rest of your cohort.

What you’ll learn

  • The 21 key issues every head office retail employee should be aware of
  • The 4 elements to map when positioning your retail business
  • A method to identify new opportunities and potential threats
  • Ways to adapt your existing strategy to better compete
  • What it means to be a 21st century retailer – and how traditional retail businesses can become futureproof
  • The strategies applied by today’s most valuable retailers
  • Step-by-step techniques to turn knowledge into insight
  • How to forecast a retailer’s ability to create value and stay ahead
  • The timeless, futureproof module for exceptional customer experience
  • How to improve your company’s value proposition and competitive differentiation
  • A framework that will help you identify new strategies, to keep your retail business ahead of the competition
  • Understand how traditional businesses can bring themselves into the 21st century


Who’s it for

Anyone connected to the world of retail.

This online retail course has been created to provide valuable insights for people of all levels whether you’re a retail leader, employee, investor, founder or student.

We look forward to helping you create a successful, futureproof retail business.

Head to the Modern Commerce Academy for full details and to sign-up for the next cohort starting 16th February 2021.

Sign-up now to get our special early bird price of just $175 for the entire course (normally $400) with the code ‘earlyadopter’.