Sustainability crash course

We’ll help you identify the right sustainability initiatives and communication methods, before defining a clear plan to get it all done.

Sustainable Retail Thinking

About this service

  • What are the most appropriate sustainability initiatives for your business?
  • How should you communicate them?

We can help you develop answers quickly, drawing on examples of global best practice.

Global interest in sustainability has never been higher – as has the need to embrace sustainability. At the same time, brands are not getting the return they deserve on their sustainability activities.

In a day, we can help you move your sustainability action and communication to the next level. You’ll gain more headlines, more attention from customers, more employee goodwill and more investment.

Cate Trotter, Insider Trends’ Head of Trends, has a degree in Sustainable Design and has advised businesses such as Nokia, Lloyds TSB and Timberland on their sustainability strategy and communications.

This crash course is designed to inform and align your teams and help you take the next step on your sustainability journey. Our 4-step sustainability framework helps brands get clear on their sustainability goals, and launch initiatives that both meet these goals and inspire stakeholders.

Each session is created on a bespoke basis for your business, drawing on the parts of the framework most relevant to you. Whether your team needs to get started or update a world-leading strategy, we can help.

We’ll help you define the best sustainability initiatives for your business, and how to communicate them.

How it works

We will:

  • Get to know your business, finding out where you are and where you want to be
  • Build a session that will alternate between presentations, discussions and activities. It can be delivered over one full day or two half-days
  • Showcase best-in-class examples of sustainable retail, production and communication. This will inform and inspire your team, and help them benchmark their initiatives
  • Share our vision for how your company can take the lead, in terms of action and communication
  • Guide your team through a series of activities to help you agree the best way forward, which initiatives to run and how to communicate it
  • Summarise the session in a report and action plan

You’ll finish the session with a new understanding of meaningful sustainability action and communication, and an action plan to guide your team forward.


What we deliver

  • Presentations and group activities, for a group of up to 20 people
  • Briefing call to set goals and objectives
  • Dedicated research into the latest best practice, from all over the world, relevant to your business
  • Preparation and delivery of an engaging, valuable workshop
  • Session delivery from 2 Insider Trends professionals, including at least one Senior Consultant
  • Access to virtual workshop software (which has advantages over in-person systems)
  • Recording of all presentations, plus a digital copy of all decks to be circulated to all attendees
  • Creation and distribution of workshop output summary, plus agreed action plan

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