Engage, inspire and inform with an insight-packed bespoke report.


A bespoke report is the best way to engage your prospects and customers

Think about it. Your business wants to reach retailers. But, like everyone else, retailers increasingly don’t want to be sold to.

What you need to do is give them what they really want – valuable insights that can transform their business.

Our bespoke reports combine the new, meaningful insights we’re renowned for with in-depth research to engage, inspire and inform your target audience – an audience of retailers and brands that we work with every day.

See, the reason leading companies like the National Buying Group UK (NBG), Freeths, Imparta, Red Ant and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) come to us for a bespoke report is because we have a retail audience that they don’t. This means we can talk to the top retailers and brands you’re targeting to gather insights that no-one else can.

Whether it’s a deep-dive into a certain sector, a realistic view of the latest retail trend or provocative new thinking, our bespoke reports can:

  • Inform your internal projects and understanding
  • Help you start conversations with retail prospects
  • Keep you top of mind with your customers

All of our reports are professionally designed, making them as attractive as they are useful.

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Who we work with

  • Retail tech companies – including traditional hardware providers, payment processors, retail platforms, and retail software startups
  • Other suppliers to the retail industry – including legal, insurance, recruitment, training providers, and real estate companies
  • Trade associations
  • Creative agencies and retail design agencies
  • Retailers and brands

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Engage, inspire and inform with an insight-packed bespoke report.

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