Clarity, insight and inspiration
Clarity, insight and inspiration

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Clarity, insight and inspiration
Clarity, insight and inspiration
Clarity, insight and inspiration
Clarity, insight and inspiration


An Insider Trends retail trend keynote presentation will leave your audience inspired, energised and enthused, with the clarity and confidence to take positive action when they return to their business.

Our keynote presentations are designed to outline and explore the most important retail trends that will impact your audience over the next 3-5 years. 

retail presentation

We combine each retail trends with thorough market research and robust data to illustrate the shift taking place and the scale of the opportunity it presents. In addition, we highlight a variety of businesses who are already acting on each trend. This will give your audience inspirational ideas plus a clear understanding of how they can adapt the trend to their own advantage.

Insider Trends’ retail trend keynote presentations are ‘fat free’, dynamic and thought-provoking. A typical hour-long presentation will feature up to 60 slides, packed with images, data and case studies, of which only one slide is about Insider Trends.

Our team of expert retail consultants present regularly all over the world at every level – from C-suite meetings to retail conferences for 1,000+ retail professionals.

We also deliver quarterly retail briefings, keeping clients updated with the latest developments, research and innovations in 60 short minutes.

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“Cate shares complex ideas and trends in an easy-to-digest way, meaning our audience were able to absorb all the messages and insights she was sharing. 

Her presentation showed us HOW we can adapt and WHY it’s needed. This insight was invaluable.

She was amazing – relaxed and engaging the whole hour. We hope to have her at one of our events again soon.” 

Skye McParland, Regional Digital and Public Relations Manager, Veolia London


Meet our retail keynote speakers


Cate Trotter Insider Trends

Cate Trotter
Head of Trends

Vend named Cate the 26th most influential person in retail in the world. She’s spoken to C-level executives from Chanel, Unilever, Carrefour, L’Oreal and more.

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Jack Strattan Senior Trends ConsultantJack Stratten
Senior Trends Consultant

Jack is an experienced keynote speaker, writer and trend researcher who has worked with Insider Trends since its inception. His sessions, for audiences of up to 500 people, consistently get great feedback.

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Presentation themes


Jack Strattan retail speaker

Below you’ll find suggestions of what our retail trend keynote presentations can focus on. We cover all aspects of retailing, including tech, customer experience, supply chain, and category-specific trends.

Your presentation will always be tailored to your audience and its interests and challenges – we will book a briefing call to gain an in-depth understanding of what success looks like for your audience.

Each bespoke presentation is created just for you, in line with your challenges, aspirations and needs, for maximum benefit. We’ll show you new ideas and inspiration that can help you navigate retail’s trends.

Private retail presentations are also available for brands and retailers looking to get to grips with what the future of retail looks like for their business.

Any private retail presentation can be followed by a workshop, which will let your group turn stimulus into ideas that will work for your business.


Insightful overviews

• The Future of Retail

• Futureproof Retail Ecosystems

• Post-Digital Retail

• The Renaissance of Physical Retail Space

• Unified Commerce

• Omnichannel

• Digital-first Retail


The best of…

• Digitally native, vertically integrated retail

• Retail in Asia



‘The Future of…’

•  Luxury

•  Loyalty

•  Customer Experience

•  Technology In Retail

•  Sustainability

•  Retail Operations

•  The Sharing Economy

•  Retail Real Estate


How to..

• Spot a trend

• Innovate

Sector specific presentations – ‘The Future of…’

• Grocery Retail

•  Fashion Retail

•  Department Stores

•  Beauty Retail

•  Travel Retail

•  Fuel Station Retail

•  Telecoms Space

•  Electronics Retail

•  Automotive

•  Sports and Activewear Retail

•  DIY and Hardware Retail

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“Very good presentation – one of the best in years. Thank you.”

Jamie Smalley, Managing Director, RunBreeze


“Jack’s session was extremely insightful, original and received really good feedback – one of our highest rated speakers!”

Tania Gonzalez, Event Manager, Unwired Ventures


“Being able to stay ahead of the game and identify future innovations has been incredibly valuable. With a relaxed style and presentations jam-packed with relevant and new facts, stats and ideas, we would highly recommend Insider Trends to any forward-thinking organisation.”

Clare Harris, Business Engagement Manager, The British Library


“Cate Trotter is a retail ninja par excellence. She is an irrepressible font of energy and inspiration! She walks the talk when it comes to ‘experiential’ and ‘bespoke’ – you don’t get anything off-the-shelf or second-hand. When I asked her to deliver our final keynote, she brought all her very latest experience to a session tailored especially for the event and for the audience.”

Mike Butler, Director, McDonald Butler Associates


“It was great having Cate as a speaker. I still hear our team discussing ideas and being inspired.”

Gaby Abel, Director of Marketing, Joico


“Insider Trends’ keynote speech was the real Aha! moment of the entire day.  The examples cited from across the globe were simply amazing.”

Anurag Jagnani,  Deputy Manager, Management Assurance, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail, Mumbai, India


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