Inspiration and ideation consultancy services for retailers -as requested by the world’s biggest brands.

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What we do

You’re not looking for a typical retail consultancy

None of our clients were either.

Quite simply, we provide consultancy services because our clients – many of the biggest and most successful brands and retailers in the world – asked us to. They came to us wanting deeper strategic and ideation support.

Why do they choose an independent retail consultancy over the biggest names in the consultancy business?

Because we know retail trends.

We’ve monitored best practice and innovation in global retail, online and offline, for over 14 years. We’ve put this expertise into practice through our industry leading retail safaris, presentations and keynotes, workshops, and reports.

And what we know about retail trends is that no-one really knows what the future holds. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

At Insider Trends we don’t pretend to have a crystal ball. We’re curious and open minded about what the future holds, which means we won’t tell you what to do.

Instead, we’ll show you what’s possible and help you decide which ideas are right for your business.

Our ideation and inspiration services will help you:

  • Take a global scan of the most interesting retail and consumer trends
  • Map that against what you’re doing, your objectives, your challenges, and your strategy
  • Identify the gaps that tell you what to focus on
  • Create a blueprint or framework for your business

All of our consultancy services are bespoke because no retail business is the same. This means our consultancy serves you rather than just being a repetition exercise for us.

Some of the ways we’ve helped retailers include:

  • New initiative and concept development
  • Omnichannel audit with strategic recommendations
  • Retail ecosystem optimisation
  • Customer experience improvements
  • Futureproof retail strategy
  • Retail best practice upgrades
  • Quick win projects to unlock untapped profit and potential

We concentrate on ideas and inspiration so that you can implement them in the best way for your business.

But if you want our help to bring these ideas to life, we have lots of partners that can do this including digital and omnichannel specialists Avensia, store designers, retail landlords, property management companies, and branding agencies.

It takes less than 30 seconds to tell us about your business challenges – fill in our simple contact form now and get inspired.


Read what some of our clients have said:

Insider Trends informed our decisions on the creation of our new salon and retail concept, brand and experience. Their processes helped us refine our customer journey, brand positioning, platform and strategy.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it on our own. They highlighted things we wouldn’t normally think of, sharing very enlightening information around best practice in retail.

We learnt a lot about personalisation, loyalty and what’s happening in other countries. Now we’ve got all the right systems in place, we’ve got a really significant point of difference against our competitors. I’m hopeful that it’ll be a significant return on investment.

Cory Anderson
Managing Partner, Tommy Guns
Retail Interior


Ask us anything

Got questions?

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about retail consultancy that we get asked. If there’s anything else you’d like to know do get in touch

What problems do you help clients with?

Whichever retail problems are challenging them!

Here are just a few examples of the sort of challenges we’ve helped clients with:

  • What should we do to ensure our stores and omnichannel are as profitable as possible?
  • How can we best incorporate technology into our offer?
  • How are spending habits changing? How can we appeal to Gen Z alongside our core audience?
  • How might the growth of ecommerce change our offer and business model?
  • Who should we partner with to make our strategic retail initiative a real success?
  • What should we focus on for the coming 1-5 years?
  • What’s happening at the cutting edge in our industry?
What retail consultancy projects have you worked on in the past?

We’ve worked on a huge array of retail consultancy projects, from developing omnichannel strategies and loyalty programs, to advising on new concepts, helping launch new brands, and providing ongoing retail expertise.

We’d be happy to tell you all about our past work – just get in touch using the contact form below.

What makes Insider Trends’ retail consultancy different?

We have been in the retail industry for over 12 years. The company was founded by Cate Trotter, who has consistently been named one of the world’s top retail influencers.

We have developed a fantastic network with connections to some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands and agencies, and innovative tech companies. We’re able to bring together the best brains for your consultancy project.

Insider Trends is part of Avensia, a 300-person omnichannel retail technology company who (if required) can provide wider support on aspects such as technology strategy, omnichannel loyalty strategy and technical setup, omnichannel CRM management, and clienteling, and more.

Our relationship with Avensia means that the strategies we develop with our clients can easily be executed and implemented if needed.

Many of Avensia’s advisors and consultants have run successful retail and omnichannel businesses, giving them a complete understanding of the challenges you may be facing.

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with traditional retailers, digitally native brands, retail real estate companies, and anyone else working to boost retail profits, online and/or offline.

Why should I work with a boutique retail consultancy?

Working with a boutique retail consultancy allows you to access specialist niche expertise for the fraction of the price of the top 3 consultancies.

By working with us you get to access our top retail experts directly rather than someone further down the chain. We’re proud to have been told that some of our reports, projects, and free content are better than what people have received from larger consultancies.

As a smaller and more agile retail consultancy, we’re able to be more innovative and flexible throughout our business, from the projects we take on, to devising solutions that make a real difference to our retail strategy clients.

Not only that, but it is a matter of personal pride for us that we deliver results and value for our clients. Retail excellence is our passion, which means we treat your business challenges as our own.

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