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Consultancy Overview

Innovative, futureproof retailing does more than boost sales and profits.

It also elevates your brand, boosts investment, secures free media attention and attracts and retains top talent.

Our consultancy services combines the best of our expertise. You’re the expert in your business – its strengths, weaknesses, structure and beliefs. We’re experts in how to optimise your retailing and boost profits. Together, we will get a lot done, quickly.

Why you can trust Insider Trends’ retail consultants:

  • We’ve helped A-list global brands define and refine their stores and strategies.
  • We’ve advised 50+ retailers, using data-driven insights.
  • We’ve monitored best practice and innovation in global retail, online and offline, for over 12 years.
  • Insider Trends is led by Cate Trotter, who’s been named one of the world’s top retail influencers for the past 5 years.
  • Our technology consultants have led successful retail and ecommerce businesses – they’ve walked in your shoes.
  • We’ve scouted retail (and delivered retail safaris) in 15 cities across 5 continents, gaining first-hand understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
  • We are an impartial voice that can provide a fresh perspective – and one that isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

Our consultancy services boost clients’ strategies and help them avoid expensive, time-consuming mistakes.

We‘ve helped some of the world’s best-known retailers by:

  • Identifying what the problem really is.
  • Addressing their blind spots, seeing their business differently and answering the hard questions, in order to develop a robust, futureproof business.
  • Assessing competitors’ offers and finding gaps where clients can get ahead.
  • Mapping and optimising ecosystems and customer journeys.
  • Ideating and prioritising ways forward.
  • Ensuring their initiatives give them the best ROI.
  • Connecting with partners who can help them on the next step of their journey.

Read what some of our clients have said:

Retail strategy consultancy advisory - in store tech retail consultancy first hand observations gen z store customer workshop research consultancy Retail operations optimisation strategy
Retail Interior

Insider Trends informed our decisions on the creation of our new salon and retail concept, brand and experience. Their processes helped us refine our customer journey, brand positioning, platform and strategy.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it on our own. They highlighted things we wouldn’t normally think of, sharing very enlightening information around best practice in retail.

We learnt a lot about personalisation, loyalty and what’s happening in other countries. Now we’ve got all the right systems in place, we’ve got a really significant point of difference against our competitors. I’m hopeful that it’ll be a significant return on investment.

Cory Anderson
Managing Partner, Tommy Guns

Typical consultancy packages

Typical packages are below. This is a starting point – we can remix and tailor services as you see fit.

Free power hour

Up to £600 worth of retail consultancy – for free. Experience our expertise for yourself.

Quick win sales growth plan

Tailored recommendations of 1 and 2 month projects that will quickly boost your sales and profits. Find out how to grow your sales by c. 8%.

Innovation and best practice upgrade

Develop a world-leading action plan in a few hours. We’ll showcase inspirational examples from around the world, before helping you map your next and best move.

Omnichannel audit and strategic recommendations

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge omnichannel operations. Let us show you what your business can really achieve and how to get there. Access the best of our team’s expertise, from our retail strategists to omnichannel platform experts.

Ongoing ‘personal training’ for retail excellence

All the benefits of booking a personal trainer at the gym, but for your retail team! We’ll support your team, hold them accountable and keep them at the top of their retail strategy game.

Futureproof retail strategy

Don’t be the next retailer to go out of business. We’ll look at your business with fresh eyes and challenge your colleagues, helping you develop a robust strategy to enhance short- and long-term results.

Data-driven strategic recommendations

Be number one for the missions that matter. And do it through a handful of simple, specific actions. This comprehensive, unique service blends eye-opening data with our strategic expertise.

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