Omnichannel strategy and innovation that actually makes clients money

We deliver omnichannel strategy and innovation that actually makes clients money. Taking the lead and boosting profits is simpler than you might think!

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What we do

Omnichannel Strategy and Innovation Consultancy

Are you worried about the future of your retail business?

Are you concerned about keeping up with competitors?

Do you want to discover the hidden opportunities to make your business more profitable?

Insider Trends delivers omnichannel strategy and innovation that actually makes clients money. We separate the hype from what actually matters, and provide no-nonsense guidance, data-driven insights and advice.

We can help you:

  • Navigate an accelerating and increasingly complex retail landscape
  • Optimise your retail strategies, plans and spend
  • Innovate and upgrade with confidence, knowing it will be an investment rather than a cost
  • Separate the hype from the initiatives that will actually make you money


There are three main pillars to our omnichannel strategy and innovation services.

• Trendspotting and retail futures

Examples of how we can help include:

      • sharing global retail best practice and inspiration that you can action to make money
      • identifying which retail trends and new technologies will benefit your business and how to incorporate them in a meaningful way
      • helping you develop a profitable 2025 retail strategy

• New initiative and concept development

Examples of how we can help include:

      • helping you define a winning strategy for your flagship and concept stores
      • identifying which systems to use in stores and which initiatives to test for a profitable business
      • launching and positioning a new retail brand for success

• Retail ecosystem optimization

Examples of how we can help include:

      • helping you get more from your omnichannel investment
      • identifying quick win omnichannel upgrades that you can see the benefits of immediately
      • developing best-in-class omnichannel loyalty programs that will boost your profitability


Why you can trust Insider Trends’ retail consultants:

  • We’ve helped A-list global brands define and refine their stores and strategies.
  • We’ve advised 50+ retailers, using data-driven insights.
  • We’ve monitored best practice and innovation in global retail, online and offline, for over 12 years.
  • Insider Trends is led by Cate Trotter, who’s been named one of the world’s top retail influencers for the past 5 years.
  • Our technology consultants have led successful retail and ecommerce businesses – they’ve walked in your shoes.
  • We’ve scouted retail (and delivered retail safaris) in 15 cities across 5 continents, gaining first-hand understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
  • We are an impartial voice that can provide a fresh perspective – and one that isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions.
  • Our consultancy services boost clients’ strategies and help them avoid expensive, time-consuming mistakes.


We’ve helped some of the world’s best-known retailers by:

  • Identifying what the problem really is.
  • Addressing their blind spots, seeing their business differently and answering the hard questions, in order to develop a robust, futureproof business.
  • Assessing competitors’ offers and finding gaps where clients can get ahead.
  • Mapping and optimising ecosystems and customer journeys.
  • Ideating and prioritising ways forward.
  • Ensuring their initiatives give them the best ROI.
  • Connecting with partners who can help them on the next step of their journey.


Read what some of our clients have said:

Insider Trends informed our decisions on the creation of our new salon and retail concept, brand and experience. Their processes helped us refine our customer journey, brand positioning, platform and strategy.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it on our own. They highlighted things we wouldn’t normally think of, sharing very enlightening information around best practice in retail.

We learnt a lot about personalisation, loyalty and what’s happening in other countries. Now we’ve got all the right systems in place, we’ve got a really significant point of difference against our competitors. I’m hopeful that it’ll be a significant return on investment.

Cory Anderson
Managing Partner, Tommy Guns
Retail Interior

The three pillars of our omnichannel consultancy

Trendspotting and retail futures

We can help you identify the risks and opportunities that lie ahead in retail.

Over 99% of retailers are missing simple opportunities to boost their profits. We’ll work with you to find the omnichannel quick wins and unlock new profitability in your retail business.


Sharing actionable global best practice and inspiration

We deliver global scans of innovations and key developments happening across retail, real estate, hospitality, consumer trends, and more to keep your business at the forefront of what’s happening.

Trends are natural currents that your company can tap into to effortlessly grow your business. We’ll help you identify the retail trends that can help push your business forward and, crucially, how to action them.

This service will help you identify new ways to make money and new retail technology solutions that will boost your bottom line. By learning what has and hasn’t worked for others, you can fast-track a winning omnichannel retail strategy.


Identifying which retail trends and new technologies to act on and how

It can be a full-time job just keeping track of the latest trends and technologies in retail, let alone figuring out which are all hype and which can boost your profits.

We can help you identify the top priorities for your retail business, which partners and technologies are right for your company and initiatives, and how to incorporate them in a meaningful way to boost your bottom line.

We can also recommend partners who can help you quickly implement these trends and technologies, so you can start reaping the benefits faster.


Guiding and informing clients’ 2025 retail strategies and roadmaps

We’ll highlight how retail and consumer behaviour in 2025 is likely to look, before helping you identify how to best position your own business for success.

We take a broad, yet holistic view, of retail. We combine data, consumer behaviour insights, and examples of visionary retail to help you understand what this means for your business and the opportunities you can act on.

We’ll then develop a vision and an action plan with your team, creating a blueprint to guide you over the coming years.


New initiative and retail concept development

When anything is possible, we can help you identify what you should do in your retail business.


Helping clients define the strategy for their flagship and concept stores

We’ll help you develop a crystal-clear direction and strategy for your new flagship or concept store.

Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Help you identify a clear vision and goals for the space
  • Map the retail team’s insights against current and target customer profiles, to devise retail experiences that will resonate
  • Map customer journeys between this and other retail formats and channels, to ensure you develop an omnichannel retail strategy that truly builds synergies
  • Translate this vision into requirements for branding, architecture, marketing, events and activations, digital communications and interactions, and more
  • Share inspirational stimulus and research to help keep your retail designers inspired, enthused, creative, and generating groundbreaking ideas
  • Define success criteria, so all teams involved in the project know what they are working towards
  • Agree KPIs that will support your objectives for the retail space and support its continuous improvement
  • Identify which technologies to put in the space – which will make you money, and which gimmicks to ignore
  • Define an ongoing experimentation, learning, and improvement plan, to ensure your store stays agile, profitable, and at the forefront


Identifying which systems to use in stores and which initiatives to test

When it comes to retail technologies, we separate the hype from the results.

We’ll never encourage innovation for the sake of it. Instead, we can help you identify which systems and initiatives will make a meaningful difference to your retail business. We’ll also show which systems DON’T work, helping you quickly remove the clangers from your consideration process.

We’ll present different initiatives that you could implement in your stores, help you prioritise, and pick the right ones for you. We’ll help you refine how they’ll be used, so they can support your consumer, space, and retail brand in the most appropriate ways.

We can connect you with forward-thinking innovation partners and help project manage the implementation of these systems if required.


Launching and positioning a new brand

We’ll research your market, consumers, and competitive set to quickly give your new retail brand or sub-brand the best chance of success. We’ll borrow ideas from fast-growing, high-value businesses in your market and elsewhere to give your business the edge.

We’ll find the gaps in the market that are easy to occupy, and will recommend simple strategies to help you get ahead.

We’ll share actionable recommendations to fast-track your successful retail brand launch. Once you’ve agreed which areas you want to move into, we’ll help you identify exactly HOW to move into these areas.


Retail ecosystem optimization

We can boost your retail profits by optimizing your retail ecosystem.


Helping clients get more from their omnichannel investment

Omnichannel isn’t an optional extra. It’s what your customers expect. It’s how they think – and shop. Time and time again, omnichannel retail strategies have been shown to be the most profitable form of retail.

As essential as omnichannel is, it’s also easy to do badly. It’s easy to underestimate what’s possible, and what a well-executed omnichannel retail strategy looks like. We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re considering the right issues, taking advantage of the right opportunities, and investing in the right places to create an effective, and profitable, retail ecosystem.

Once we’ve helped you develop the strategy and plans, we can assist with project management and implementation, if required, so you can start seeing the benefits of your investment faster.


Identifying quick win omnichannel retail upgrades

Few retailers realise there are different levels of omnichannel retail. We can help you upgrade your omnichannel retail strategy from underwhelming to great, unlocking hidden profits in the process.

We’ll help you identify quick wins to elevate your omnichannel offering – to give you a competitive advantage and deliver a return on your investment fast.


Developing best-in-class omnichannel loyalty programs

Loyalty is an often-overlooked element of an omnichannel strategy.

We’ll use our considerable experience in developing high-return loyalty programs to help you create an effective omnichannel loyalty program that works across all channels or even a world-leading omnichannel loyalty offering.

As well as guiding you and challenging you, we’ll feed in our recommendations and examples of best practice in omnichannel loyalty.

We’ll show you what’s possible with new omnichannel loyalty platforms, how they can demonstrate the ROI of each campaign, and how they can help your teams continuously learn and improve.

Consultancy packages

Typical consultancy packages

Typical packages are below. This is a starting point – we can remix and tailor services as you see fit.

Quick win sales growth plan

Tailored recommendations of 1 and 2 month projects that will quickly boost your sales and profits. Find out how to grow your sales by c. 8%.

Innovation and best practice upgrade

Develop a world-leading action plan in a few hours. We’ll showcase inspirational examples from around the world, before helping you map your next and best move.

Omnichannel audit and strategic recommendations

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge omnichannel operations. Let us show you what your business can really achieve and how to get there. Access the best of our team’s expertise, from our retail strategists to omnichannel platform experts.

Ongoing ‘personal training’ for retail excellence

All the benefits of booking a personal trainer at the gym, but for your retail team! We’ll support your team, hold them accountable and keep them at the top of their retail strategy game.

Futureproof retail strategy

Don’t be the next retailer to go out of business. We’ll look at your business with fresh eyes and challenge your colleagues, helping you develop a robust strategy to enhance short- and long-term results.

Perfect, profitable customer experience

Be number one for the missions that matter. And do it through a handful of simple, specific actions. This comprehensive, unique service blends eye-opening data with our strategic expertise.


Ask us anything

Got questions?

Below are answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked about our omnichannel consultancy services.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, do get in touch using the contact form below, via email (contact[at], or give us a call on (+44 (0)20 7183 3785).

What does a typical retail consultancy project look like?

All of our services are delivered on a bespoke basis so are entirely flexible to suit each client.

We can run projects starting from a couple of hours to offering interim management or acting as an unofficial board member.

The retail consultancy packages above are just a guide or starting point. Get in touch to discuss your omnichannel retail consultancy project.

What problems do you help clients with?

Whichever retail problems are challenging them!

We work with our clients to help them overcome any problems they have with developing a successful omnichannel retail strategy.

Here are just a few examples of the sort of challenges we’ve helped clients with:


  • Wanting to sense-check and optimise their existing retail strategies, plans, and blueprints
  • Wanting to execute an effective omnichannel project but not knowing where to start
  • Wanting to innovate and do something new but not knowing what is expensive hype vs what will actually make them money
  • Knowing how to make omnichannel retail profitable for them
  • Understanding global best practice in retail – and how they compare
  • Showing them what they can achieve with their omnichannel strategy
What are the typical questions that clients come to you with?

We help our clients with their biggest operational questions including:


  • What should we do to ensure our stores and omnichannel are as profitable as possible?
  • How can we best incorporate technology into our offer?
  • How are spending habits changing? How can we appeal to Gen Z alongside our core audience?
  • How might the growth of ecommerce change our offer and business model?
  • Who should we partner with to make our strategic retail initiative a real success?
  • What should we focus on for the coming 1-5 years?
  • What’s happening at the cutting edge in our industry?
What retail consultancy projects have you worked on in the past?

We’ve worked on a huge array of retail consultancy projects, from developing omnichannel strategies and loyalty programs, to advising on new concepts, helping launch new brands, and providing ongoing retail expertise.

We’d be happy to tell you all about our past work – just get in touch using the contact form below.

What does an average retail consultancy project cost?

All of our services are bespoke, so the cost is dependent on your requirements and type of retail consultancy project. Projects can start at £1,500.

What makes Insider Trends’ retail consultancy different?

We have been in the retail industry for over 12 years. The company was founded by Cate Trotter, who has consistently been named one of the world’s top retail influencers.

We have developed a fantastic network with connections to some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands and agencies, and innovative tech companies. We’re able to bring together the best brains for your consultancy project.

Insider Trends is part of Avensia, a 300-person omnichannel retail technology company who (if required) can provide wider support on aspects such as technology strategy, omnichannel loyalty strategy and technical setup, omnichannel CRM management, and clienteling, and more.

Our relationship with Avensia means that the strategies we develop with our clients can easily be executed and implemented if needed.

Many of Avensia’s advisors and consultants have run successful retail and omnichannel businesses, giving them a complete understanding of the challenges you may be facing.

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with traditional retailers, digitally native brands, retail real estate companies, and anyone else working to boost retail profits, online and/or offline.

Why should I work with a boutique retail consultancy?

Working with a boutique retail consultancy allows you to access specialist niche expertise for the fraction of the price of the top 3 consultancies.

By working with us you get to access our top retail experts directly rather than someone further down the chain. We’re proud to have been told that some of our reports, projects, and free content are better than what people have received from larger consultancies.

As a smaller and more agile retail consultancy, we’re able to be more innovative and flexible throughout our business, from the projects we take on, to devising solutions that make a real difference to our retail strategy clients.

Not only that, but it is a matter of personal pride for us that we deliver results and value for our clients. Retail excellence is our passion, which means we treat your business challenges as our own.

What do you mean by ‘omnichannel strategy and innovation that actually makes clients money’?

A lot of people think that innovation is nothing more than a cost to bear.

We focus only on innovation that makes a meaningful difference to retail businesses rather than innovation for the sake of it.

We separate the hype from what actually matters, and provide no-nonsense guidance, data-driven insights, and advice on the strategies and innovations that will move a business forward and boost its bottom line.

We already have an omnichannel strategy - why should we hire Insider Trends?

We have a more expansive definition of what omnichannel is, and can be than our clients typically do.

Omnichannel isn’t something that you can just put in place and then tick off the list as ‘done’. Like a monk working to achieve enlightenment, omnichannel is an ongoing journey.

The definition of excellence in omnichannel evolves each year with new technologies and new ways of linking the retail business together.

We can help guide you on this journey so that you’re achieving omnichannel excellence at every step and making money in the process.

To discuss how we can help you, get in touch

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