• What does the future of your industry look like?

• What does your business need to do to get and stay ahead?

• What’s the business that you’re really in? Is it the one you think you’re in?


A worrying number of retailers say they are not concerned about their future.

We have heard many of them confidently say this, only to go out of business a couple of years later.

It’s crucial that retailers understand the value that they truly provide, and that they differentiate by focussing on this.

We approach your business with a fresh perspective, asking the right questions and highlighting the right challenges. We ensure your blind spots are covered and the hard questions are addressed now, giving you a watertight strategy that will last you long into the future.



You’ll walk away with a strategy that


• Is much more robust, putting you in a stronger position immediately

• Identifies the full range of competitors, from traditional players to startups and tech giants

• Takes advantage of gaps left open by competitors

• Identifies how to compete against competitors and identifies new opportunities to grow

• Lists and prioritises actions to boost short- and long-term profits

• Can adapt and maintain your lead in the future





Packages start at £19,985 + VAT



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