Retail innovation and best practice upgrade

Develop a world-leading action plan in a few hours. We’ll showcase inspirational examples from around the world, before helping you map your next and best move.

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About this service

  • What is the latest innovation and best practice in your sector?
  • Which ideas from adjacent industries will let you steal a march on your competitors?
  • And what do you need to do to create a world-leading, profitable business?

This service blends bespoke research, a presentation of c. 60 mins and engaging workshop tasks. Our retail consultants will continue advising you throughout the workshop. We are much more than facilitators!

We’ll take you from valuable, eye-opening stimulus to practical projects in a few hours.

Some of the world’s best brands have used this package to:

  • Align their teams
  • Elevate the strategy for their latest stores, apps and websites
  • Define the building blocks for completely new, forward-thinking brands

You’ll finish the session feeling inspired and energised, with an action plan for how to get ahead.


What we'll deliver

  • Presentations and group activities, for a group of up to 20 people
  • Briefing call to set goals and objectives
  • Dedicated research into the latest best practice, from all over the world, relevant to your business
  • Preparation and delivery of an engaging, valuable workshop
  • Session delivery from 2 Insider Trends professionals, including at least one Senior Consultant
  • Access to virtual workshop software (which has advantages over in-person systems)
  • Recording of all presentations, plus a digital copy of all decks to be circulated to all attendees
  • Creation and distribution of workshop output summary, plus agreed action plan

“Insider Trends informed our decisions on the creation of our new salon and retail concept, brand and experience. Their processes helped us refine our customer journey, brand positioning, platform and strategy.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it on our own. They highlighted things we wouldn’t normally think of, sharing very enlightening information around best practice in retail.

We learnt a lot about personalisation, loyalty and what’s happening in other countries. Now we’ve got all the right systems in place, we’ve got a really significant point of difference against our competitors.

I’m hopeful that it’ll be a significant return on investment.”

Cory Anderson
Managing Partner, Tommy Guns

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