Omnichannel audit
and strategic recommendations

Let us show you what your business can really achieve and how to get there. Access the best of our team’s expertise, from our retail strategists to omnichannel platform experts.

Retail Omnichannel Success Scaled

About this service

The future of retail is more joined-up than ever. The businesses with truly connected, omnichannel experiences have been shown to grow faster and be more profitable than the competition.

Despite this, many retailers still work, think and capture data in silos. Employees have different visions of what omnichannel retail can be. For as long as this happens, retailers miss out on omnichannel’s full profit-boosting potential.

This review and recommendations package looks at how your stores, sites, apps and other channels are connected. You’ll access a range of expertise across our team, from our retail strategists, ecommerce experts and omnichannel platform experts.

Together, we’ll quickly establish the areas that can be optimised and better connected to unlock profits – across the store and digital experience. We assess and prioritise upgrades and initiatives, so execution can begin immediately.

We can review and assess

  • Your brand’s strategy, mission and target customer
  • Your store experience
  • Your digital experiences, including loyalty schemes
  • Marketing, advertising and social media
  • Data capture and flows
  • Technology platform, systems and architecture

You’ll get

  • A summary of our findings, giving you an impartial, external perspective on your business
  • A series of recommendations to boost sales and profits, prioritised according to cost/benefit
  • Quick wins and longer-term projects that will move the needle on your business
  • Advice on how to execute projects, along with recommendations for partners and agencies as required
  • A strategic and tactical growth plan that you can begin executing immediately

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