Ongoing ‘personal training’ for retail excellence

All the benefits of booking a personal trainer at the gym, but for your retail team! We’ll support your team, hold them accountable and keep them at the top of their retail strategy game.

Retail Executive Training

About this service

Booking a personal trainer at the gym has many advantages. They hold you accountable, provide expertise and encourage, ensure you focus on the right areas, and help you achieve better results.

In the same way, Insider Trends can be a ‘personal trainer’ for your offline + online retail teams.

How we help

We can...

  • Help you set long-term and monthly goals for your retailing – and support your individual colleagues in meeting them
  • Highlight areas to address in your retail operations and tech setup, plus your store, digital and omnichannel experience
  • Regularly assess performance against goals. This can cover strategic, financial, digital and experiential goals as needed
  • Discuss and advise you on the best ways to achieve the most important gains
  • Keep your team positive, inspired and enthused as they move through unchartered waters

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