Finally, easily identify and discover the latest breakout trends in offline and online retail that will put you years in front of your competition.

Innovative store concepts - retail safaris and retail trend tours from Insider Trends

Our unique custom retail trend tours are specifically designed to help you instantly identify the next hot trends – without the stress and worry of navigating a new city alone.
Let us do all the hard work for you.

Retail safaris are available in London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam. Get in touch to find out how we can inspire your team, help you innovate and boost your bottom line.

Retail trend tours - retail innovations in London, New York, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam

“The things you’ve shown us in London today will probably appear in other European cities in about four years’ time. It’s as close to stepping into the future as we can get.”
– Jorge Magaña, Co Owner, Segway Madrid

Retail safaris highlighting digital interactive displays and new store concepts

What you can experience by booking your retail safari or retail trend tour with us:

• We take you straight to the latest and best retail experiences
• We use first-hand examples to outline the future of global retail
• We give you the lowdown on each concept and how it boosts the brand’s bottom line
• We introduce you to the entrepreneurs and trendsetters shaping the future

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“Thanks for a great tour. It stimulated lots of ideas about how we can create stronger connections with consumers in our store environment, and was a great launch activity for our new store design project.”
– Melissa Potter, Managing Director, Clarks International

Retail safaris and retail trend tours - London, New York, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam

Make money:

• Get first-mover advantage and stay ahead of competitors
• Develop game changing new ideas to engage customers, grab headlines and boost profits
• Encourage new, bolder team thinking
• Boost team discussion and relationships, improving productivity and retention
• Connect with new partners who can make your new ideas reality

Save money:

• Discover effective, low-cost methods to get ahead
• Learn about the crucial details that can make or break a new initiative, avoiding costly mistakes
• Get the most from your investment in team time and travel – we’ll take you straight to the most relevant and innovative concepts and people

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Retail trend tours and retail safaris - store experience, latest store concepts, digital displays, customer experience

The bottom line:

We work harder, care more about you and your customers and are more committed to helping you with your success than anyone in the business. We have more of the trusted connections you need than anyone in the industry. No need to worry about wasting time in the wrong parts of town or taking advice from the wrong people. We offer custom designed tailor made itineraries so that you get the most out of your trip where nothing critical is missed or overlooked.

Looking back you will be thrilled with your experience and will be able to move forward with clarity and confidence while your competition is still struggling to get started.

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“We came to find inspiration for our new major project. We needed to see the best of what’s happening in the world, but we had no time to go on a world tour. London’s a global city – you’ve showed us the best of what’s happening worldwide in a few hours. It’s been great.”
– David Hagelin, Creative Director at a Swedish Advertising Agency

“With only one day to spot the newest retail trends in London, we were very content with the retail trend tour. We were given a huge amount of insight on a very tight schedule. We were impressed by Insider Trends ability to tailor the tour precisely to give us relevant and useful insight for our industry. Thank you!”
– Naja Henriette Knorr, Corporate Design Manager, Marketing Danmark, Jyske Bank

New store concepts, new store innovations and designs - retail safaris

“Insider Trends are THE trend experts – they are always aware of the latest retail trends, they comment on how these affect varying domains and they are able to analyse and present these trends in a worldwide context.


We’ve worked with Insider Trends since 2014, creating bespoke retail trend tours for French companies. Their involvement ensures that the stores visited will be highly relevant to our groups’ interests and the information shared will be of an extremely high quality. Insider Trends’ efficient logistics also mean that the tour is seamlessly organised and participants can focus on their learnings and conversations.


The Lemensearch trend tours kick off with an extensive retail trend presentation. This gives participants a solid insight into the major retail trends in London and also worldwide. Our sessions involve an optimised structure that lets us visit up to 16 stores or spaces in a day. The relevance of each space in terms of future retail trends is then explained, supported by statistics and survey results. Meetings are also organised with key business leaders and concept creators.


Insider Trends take into account the needs of each individual client on every retail safari. They can also adapt the retail safari on the day to encompass individual participants’ interests or needs.”


– Belinda Picaud, Associate Director, Lemensearch

London retail trends, London retail safaris

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