“Very good presentation – one of the best in years. Thank you.”

– Jamie Smalley, Managing Director, RunBreeze

Clarity, insight and inspiration – in an hour or less.

Join the President of Chanel UK, the President of the Clarins brand and the General Manager of L’Oreal France in benefitting from an Insider Trends presentation.

Retail innovation and retail trends presentations

Retail trend and insight presentations made by Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends

Cate Trotter is an experienced and engaging speaker who delivers public and private presentations all over Europe. She heads up Insider Trends, a London- based retail trend consultancy that helps global brands create world-leading and profitable retail spaces. It does this by clarifying what’s coming next in the world of retail, and what clients can do to get ahead of their competitors.

Cate regularly presents to groups of 4-400 people, including brands such as Unilever, Chanel, Absolut Vodka, Marks and Spencer, Philips, B&Q, DeLonghi and Lego. She is used to presenting to senior team members – Chief Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers and Presidents of global companies are often present for her talks.

Cate specialises in navigating complicated subjects and boiling them down into a handful of powerful takeaways. Cate is friendly and kind and always puts the audience’s interests before her own. Her presentations stand out by making great content and powerful insights the star – she only spends 25 seconds telling the audience about her agency.

Cate launched two successful businesses in her twenties, leading to her being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial background means she is able to talk from experience in her presentations, rather than an ivory tower.

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“Being able to stay ahead of the game and identify future innovations has been incredibly valuable. With a relaxed style and presentations jam-packed with relevant and new facts, stats and ideas, we would highly recommend Insider Trends to any forward-thinking organisation.”

– Clare Harris, Business Engagement Manager, The British Library

retail trends and future of retail presentations and keynote speaking

Retail trends presentations – rocket fuel for strategic thinking

Our retail trend presentations leave audiences inspired, energised and enthused, with the clarity and confidence to take action when they return to their desk.

Our presentations outline a handful of the most important retail trends for the next 2-5 years. Each trend is introduced and supported by thorough market research and data, to demonstrate the shift taking place and to show the opportunity’s scale. Then Cate highlights different examples of businesses who are already tapping into each trend, providing inspiration and clearer understanding of how audiences and clients can apply the trends to their own advantage.

Insider Trends’ retail trend presentations are highly visual and move quite quickly. A typical hour-long presentation features around 60 slides packed with data, case studies and images. Of these, only one is about Insider Trends.

Insights are drawn from market research, data, plus our own interviews with retail tech experts and the companies shaping the future.

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“It was so great to hear you speak. Your presentation was very thought provoking and inspiring. My colleague and I had a good follow-up conversation about it afterwards. I like the way you present, it’s very clear, there’s solid information, and you bring your personality in. We could have listened to you for much longer. Thank you!!”

– Michael Krueger, Senior Design Manager, Bultmann Design Works, Bremen

Retail trends presentation

“Insider Trends brought a knowledge and expertise on market and product trends, adding the right level of credibility and gravitas. Their input added value, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

– Sasha Naod, Senior Manager, Global Product PR, Philips

Innovative retail trends and future of retail keynote speaking

Retail Trend Presentation Topics


Key Retail Trends

This retail trend presentation outlines the most important changes ahead for retailers and identifies the long- and short-term actions they can take to get ahead. Each trend is brought to life using inspirational case studies of the businesses leading the way. At each point, Cate highlights how the businesses in the audience can profit from these shifts.

Key retail trend presentations normally last 40-75 minutes and contains insights worth thousands to retail businesses.

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“Booking Cate to deliver a keynote speech meant we attracted even more attendees to our business brand event. It was very exciting for our audience to hear from a cosmopolitan retail expert, and it reflected well onto our own brand.

Cate’s presentation had a great structure, smoothly moving from one exciting topic to the next. Our guests gained valuable insights into exponential business developments and how these are changing new retail concepts. Her contribution was very inspiring and our guests gave some very positive feedback.”

– Uwe Melichar, Partner, Factor

Retail trends keynote speaker - future of retail, retail tech trends

Getting ahead in omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retailing is one of the most effective ways for retailers to boost profits and and differentiate their brand. But the vast majority of retailers are struggling to make progress and create truly seamless, profitable customer experiences.

This presentation will show you what’s to be gained by providing a truly seamless shopping experience, examples of retailer best practice, tips and techniques to get ahead – and what’s coming next.

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“Very interesting and presented very clearly – thanks for a great seminar.”

– Carrie Webb, Creative Director, Paperspace Design

Future of retail keynote presentations

The future of technology in retail

Retail tech is revolutionising the world of retail. This presentation covers the latest and most innovative retail tech, examples of retailer best practice, how to choose which systems to incorporate and what’s coming next.


Depending on the client brief, time available and the most recent developments, content may cover:

• The Internet of Things

• Wearables

• Big data

• Analytics

• Smartphone apps

• Google Physical Web

• Beacons

• Display technologies

• Interactive technologies

• Augmented reality

• Virtual reality


This presentation makes it very easy for companies to pinpoint how they can best use the latest technology to get the best ROI.

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“Insider Trends’ ‘futures’ presentation let us share an independent viewpoint. It gave the audience inspiration about how our lives will change in the future – and how our interactions, behaviour and influences will also change. Insider Trends are a scene setter for the future and their work inspired debate and discussion.

We loved Cate’s energy and confidence! The session had a good balance between being informative and fun.

I’d recommend Insider Trends to the B2B sector. Their work is particularly relevant to businesses embarking on a digital journey, which often calls for business transformation and change from tradition.”

– Imran Choudhary, Retail Commerce Lead, IBM

Retail and business trends presentations

How to spot a trend

This presentation gives audiences and teams a crash course in how to spot their own trends. It’s as inspirational as it is useful and will enhance your team’s thinking for the long-term. This presentation includes:

• An overview of how trends emerge and evolve

• The tools and places to find the most useful source information, both online and in the real world

• How to process information to uncover key insights

• How to establish the impact, size, reach and speed of a trend

• How to look forward and predict what will happen next

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“Cate Trotter is a very interesting, professional and reliable speaker. Participants benefited from her talk a lot – her content was well prepared and visually appealing. I’d definitely recommend her presentations to designers, who need to know the upcoming trends. I’d also recommend them to members of the supply chain, who will profit from a detailed analysis of their market.”

– Claudia Josephs, Operations Manager, European Packaging Design Association

Keynote speaker on retail trends and the future of retail

Previous public engagements include:

• ‘The Future of Business’ Conference, Oslo, Norway

• IFA, Berlin, Germany

• Business Meets Design, Kerkrade, Netherlands

• Estonian Retail Congress, Tallinn, Estonia

• CIKTN Future Gazing, Edinburgh, UK

• Studiogespraeche, Vienna, Austria

• EPDA ‘The Next Consumer’ Conference, Toulouse, France

• Packaging Innovations Conference, Brussels, Belgium

• Studiogespraeche, Hamburg, Germany

• British Library, London, UK

• German Brand and Design Congress, Stuttgart, Germany

• Building British Business, London, UK

• The Future of Retail, Paris, France

• Customer Forum, Athens, Greece

• Social Media Week, London, UK

• PacTec, Helsinki, Finland

• Studiogespraeche, Cologne, Germany

• Digital Shoreditch, London, UK

• EPDA Future of Food, Hamburg, Germany

• Plus many private presentations and events

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“Insider Trends’ clients are a growing band of public and private companies keen to learn how they can profit from these new trends.”


Retail trends presentations, retail trends keynote speeches from Insider Trends

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“Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. The whole team commented on how insightful it was. There was a great deal to take away!”

– Miki Lentin, Head of Communications, British Library

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