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retail consultancy store visits customer behaviourInsider Trends has helped hundreds of brands prepare for the future of retail. We’ve spent over a decade studying strategies of the world’s most innovative and successful retailers. We’re perfectly placed to help you make sense of complexity and thrive in changing times.

We never look to the new for new’s sake. We look to the new because brands have to – times are changing, and fast. The brands that adapt will be with us for decades to come.

retail trends new shopping behaviour consultancyWe make innovation and change both manageable and scalable. We remain laser-focussed on developing actionable solutions that will improve your operations, customer experience and profits.

Clients including VFC (owner of The North Face, JanSport and Vans brands) have looked to us to optimise their store performance, omnichannel functionality and brand building potential.



retail consultancy first hand observations“We don’t focus on what happens in one year; we look five years ahead. So we surround ourselves with experts who can see around corners and give us good advice. Their solutions are future-proof, solid and ready for functionality based on new ideas.”

– Rickard Lyko, CEO, Lyko


Find out more about retail consultancy and get free recommendations



Typical challenges

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Large retailers and real estate companies come to us with various challenges:

– Which retail trends matter to our customers? Which are hype? How can we test, implement and scale successful solutions?

– How can we create world-leading digital and physical experiences?

– How can our retail business compete better – both with traditional competitors and new, fast-growing entrants?

Retail operations optimisation strategy– How can we maximise footfall, dwell time and profits? How can we turn offline interactions into online profits?

– How can we develop a more agile, adaptable business?

– How can we create a personalised, optimised, scalable omnichannel ecosystem?

– In which new ways do our customers want to interact and buy? Which services should we launch, and when?



Our process

retail consultancy recommendationsWe tailor our process to each client and project. It is likely to be built around the following steps: 

– Understand – we’ll do a deep dive into your business, taking both quantitative and qualitative approaches. We’ll look at your metrics, sales strategies and digital footprint. We’ll talk to your teams and staff, shop your space and site and conduct other first-hand research that will give us a deeper understanding of your business and which approaches will and won’t work.

– Research – this process runs in parallel to our deep understanding of your business. We’ll look outwards to gather data and best practice from your industry and beyond. We’ll combine desk research with insights from our Insider network to bring deep understanding you won’t get anywhere else.

retail consultancy operations performance– Ideate – we’ll work with you to develop ideas that will work for your business. We’ll bring innovative suggestions to your team, refining them with you to ensure they can easily be implemented.  We’ll source and recommend technology partners to bring concepts to life.

– Activate – all that matters is what’s implemented. We’ll develop an action plan to embed new initiatives in your business, ensuring you get a massive return on your investment with us. We’ll identify the support you need to implement the plans – we can guide your teams or bring in our super-effective Project Managers to get the job done.


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Find out more about retail consultancy and get free recommendations


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