Everybody is doing it tough right now.

Whatever your coronavirus concerns or questions are,
we want to help.


It’s easy in times of trouble to hunker down and try to just power through. But business as usual when it’s not business as usual is a dangerous attitude to have.

The reality is that the outbreak of coronavirus may cause permanent shifts in the way retailers operate, as well as consumer shopping habits and behaviours.

Retailers who can respond to these aren’t just going to survive this period, but will also be the ones who thrive after it.

We want that to be your retail business. 



Our retail consultants have developed specific action-focused services to help address this challenge in the most meaningful way. Best of all they can all be delivered and accessed remotely.


Get free expert insights on what you should do now


These services include:


retail coronavirus tips

• Virtual presentations/webinars

• Virtual workshops

• A 60 minute troubleshooting call with our expert consultants to discuss your specific business challenges and provide actionable insights 

• Scenario planning remote workshops to help you develop an action plan for whatever happens

• Productivity assessments

• Reports

• Updates and assessment service
        • Daily updates, hotline and advice
        • Measure how well your responses are working

• Coronavirus retail updates
        •  Access our full-time coronavirus updates and best practice service
           (for a fraction of the cost of running this in-house)
        •  Includes a dedicated advice line


Get free expert insights on what you should do now


Each service will be tailored to your specific challenges. Our remote services are fully flexible – you choose the day and time of delivery to suit your needs. In the case of our remote workshops and webinars you can also choose the audience size so that you get the most out of our time together.


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Coronavirus isn’t just a current challenge – it’s changing the future of retail. We’re offering free insights to large retailers to help you make the right moves now. Get in touch to book your free no obligation call with our expert consultants.

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