Ideation Workshops for Retailers

Take the next step from inspiration to ideation that will transform and boost your business.

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How do you go from inspiration to a workable idea?

Inspiration is the starting point of everything. But it’s only valuable if you can translate it into action.

If you’re asking yourself ‘what does this mean for my business?’ or ‘how do I implement these trends?’, then stop.

Our ideation workshops for retailers will help you turn those initial creative sparks into workable ideas that will transform and boost your retail business.

Our sessions are as enjoyable as they are useful, for good reason – play and joy lead to game-changing ideas. We’ve also got some great twists and unusual approaches that can shift your group’s thinking and experiences up a gear.

Each workshop is bespoke and can be delivered virtually or in-person – whatever works best for you. Many of the top retailers and brands that we work with choose to combine a workshop with a retail safari or presentation so that they can act on inspiration immediately.


Our retail ideation workshops will help you:

  • Inspire your team
  • Explore new perspectives, opportunities, concepts and retail trends
  • Reveal your end customers’ pain point, what they really think and what they really want
  • Produce innovative new ideas
  • Develop your team’s shorthand for what’s coming next and how you’ll take advantage of it
  • Refine ideas according to realistic constraints
  • Identify ways to overcome barriers
  • Test and improve ideas


Who we’ve worked with

We’re proud to work with many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers in supporting their retail strategies. We also work with clients in other future-focused sectors such as hospitality, services and B2B.

Our clients include:

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