The Best New Retail in Europe – May 2024

Europe contains some of the world’s most well-known fashion capitals, so it’s no surprise that these cities are often the target for fashion and other retailers.

This month has some of the most innovative stores we’ve found, including an AI grab-and-go store and a supermarket that contains only vegan products. Fashion-forward brands are launching retail spaces that are also art centres, hoping to appeal to the artistic community. Retailers are also introducing microstores, either to cater to customers on the go, or to create a more intimate atmosphere in their spaces.

Here are the latest and best new retail stores we have found in Europe this month.


Image credit: Levi’s

Levi’s, Paris

The iconic denim brand Levi’s has chosen the Champs-Élysées as the location of its new flagship store.

The design of the store follows Levi’s Indigo retail concept, which includes a range of digital screens and LED lighting to display animations and videos. Visitors to the store are able to learn about everything from how to get the perfect jean fit to the history of the 501. There are also new bespoke mannequins to help display the Levi range of looks.

The full range of classic Levi’s products is available, from 501 jeans to dresses and accessories, and the Tailor Shop is available for customers who want to refresh or revamp their existing Levi’s denim. To celebrate the launch, a special collection of designs influenced by Paris has been released.


On, Berlin

The first German store from running brand On launched in Berlin recently.

The brand calls this space a Chapter store which means instead of offering everything the products and activities on offer are tailored to the local athletic community. Located in a historic Berlin building, the designers have thought carefully about the store layout to ensure customers are able to find what they need.

A Magic Wall lets customers shop all the products available, including Cloudneo shoes which are made from recyclable materials, as well as find all available sizes for shoes that they are trying on.

Visitors can also take part in a variety of activities, events and group training sessions. The On Run Club is one such regular activity, taking place every Thursday.


Image credit: Renault

rnlt©, Paris

Paris is the location of the new style store from Renault, the rnlt© retail concept. Designed to be a smaller Renault store to fit into city shopping, the brand plans on rolling them out to other cities around the world.

The design of the store is more compact than a typical Renault showroom and will display a carefully chosen selection of Renault flagship vehicles. This includes the latest electric cars designed by the brand, as well as a special digital showroom for personalisation.

Visitors can expect advice from Renault experts and a range of Renault merchandise, including clothing and model cars.


Dover Street Market, Paris

Art and fashion store Dover Street Market is launching a new flagship in Paris this month.

The store will be a hub for fashion and creativity and for artists and designers to collaborate, as well as provide space for developing up and coming designers like Phileo, Olly Shinder and Liberal Youth Ministry

The space will also be a base for the brands Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe in addition to collections such as Comme des Garçons.


Image credit: Highsnobiety

Highsnobiety, Berlin

Recently arriving in Berlin is the first flagship from media brand Highsnobiety.

The brand is hoping to appeal to Berlin’s youth culture by launching a store for events and brand collaborations. The store has been designed to evoke the concept of New Luxury which juxtaposes traditional architectural and industrial designs. Designers NM3 were responsible for creating the brand’s distinctive furniture and fittings.

Visitors to the store will not only find clothing and footwear from a range of designers, but also books, beauty items, homeware and tech products.


REWE Vegan, Berlin

REWE has opened its first fully vegan supermarket in Berlin.

While REWE carries a number of vegan products in its regular stores, the new vegan supermarket will offer over 7,200 vegan and plant-based items, with staff trained on the new products.

Customers will be able to buy items from vegan brands like Alpro and REWE’s own brand items, such as REWE Bio + Vegan, which will be available for a wide variety of products. The store offers local products from suppliers and brands in Berlin, such as Wholey and Mampe.

The store has a number of sections similar to traditional supermarkets, such as chilled items, loose fruit and vegetables, and pastries. However, this store also has a salad and sushi bar, a section for plant-based drinks and one for vegan snacks.


Image credit:

Carrefour BuyBye, Zaventem

French grocery retailer Carrefour has launched an automated store in Belgium.

Carrefour BuyBye is a small store designed for grab-and-go top-up shopping and lunches making use of AI.

Cameras are placed around the store on each shelf, which also weighs the products. The AI system, designed by Reckon AI, is able to recognise the products regardless of how they are placed on shelves.

Customers use the Carrefour app and scan the QR code, choose their products from a range of snacks, drinks, meals, and salads, and then leave the store to complete the purchase.

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