The Best New Retail in London – May 2024

The trend for event-led retail and improved service offerings continues in London this month.

Luxury stores in particular see the value in offering additional services to complement the brand’s products and deepen relationships with customers. From tasting sessions to workshops for empty product jars, brands are trying a variety of different ideas to encourage more footfall and brand loyalty.

We also continue to see luxury fashion as art, with brands and designers likening their work to art pieces, and taking inspiration from galleries.

Read on to find out the best new retail we found in London this month.


Image credit: Veja

Veja, Seven Dials

Footwear brand Veja, known for its sustainable approach, has launched its first store in London.

The design of the store was created in partnership with Deidra Hodgson, who sourced natural, custom-cut bricks from France to create a special display unit. This helped to reduce the carbon footprint of the store, as natural stone does not need to be fired.

The store will offer a broad range of Veja footwear, and includes a repair service, which will clean and revive shoes from all brands. Veja will also be using bikes to deliver shoes for restocking.


Buffalo Trace, Covent Garden

American distillery Buffalo Trace has opened a store in London, the first one outside the US.

The store design uses dark green panelling and slatted shutters with a nod to its heritage in America. Visitors can purchase from a range of whiskeys and merchandise such as mugs and t-shirts. Buffalo Trace is also offering rare bottles during the launch period.

Another feature for visitors is the brand’s tasting sessions, which can be booked online. Taste of the Trace is a guided tasting session of Buffalo Trace products, while Tradition & Change: Crafting the Most Awarded American Whiskey, offers a selection of premium products.


Image credit: Diptyque

Diptyque, New Bond Street

Parisian perfumer Diptyque has launched a new retail concept called Maison Diptyque.

The concept was launched in Paris and London and is expected to roll out to other stores. The brand has designed the store to be a link to its origins as a store in the 1960s.

The London store has a range of Diptyque perfumes and candles, and decorative objects inspired by London. The store has also created a special candle “107 New Bond Street, London” which evokes the feeling of being in an art gallery. The space includes a collaboration with Parisian eatery Café Verlet, bringing a taste of Paris to London, and decorated with quirky drawings by British artist Clym Evernden.

Visitors will also be able to take part in events, workshops and other projects, such as how to perfume art in the home, and reusing candle jars for plants and flowers.


Image credit: Rupert Sanderson

Rupert Sanderson, Great Portland Street

Moving from Mayfair, footwear designer Rupert Sanderson has moved to an expanded flagship at Great Portland Street.

The additional space, a former gallery, provides areas for offices, warehouses and a workshop, as well as the store front. The new location is considered to be more desirable due to nearby cafes and culture, which suit the designer’s style.

The shoes are displayed on plinths and shelving which also resembles an art gallery, and there is continuity with the Mayfair store in the form of the dark green coloured walls. Sanderson plans to hold events there and nurture the community of women who purchase from the store.


Image credit: Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt, Regent Street

Luxury shirt designer Charles Tyrwhitt has opened a new immersive store in the heart of London.

The design of the store takes into account the history of the building, which is grade-listed, highlighting the architecture while adding a modern look and feel. The most impressive part of the design is a spiral staircase crafted from marble.

Customers can browse the brand’s range of blazers, chinos and knitwear amongst other products. The lower floor contains a huge collection of shirts from the brand, as well as a VIP space for private client appointments.


Image credit: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury pop-up

The launch of the debut fragrances from Charlotte Tilbury has started with a pop-up store.

The pop-up is called the Future of Fragrance and encompasses six sensory areas accessible via a “magical portal”. The fragrances have been designed in collaboration with IFF, a fragrance brand. They analysed data from customers to explore how fragrances relate to our emotions, and then used an algorithm to create fragrances based around emotions.

The emotions included in the new collection are happiness, empowerment, seduction, energy, love and serenity. Visitors to the pop up will also receive personalised recommendations along with free samples.

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