The Best New Retail in the US – July 2023

The US’s vast size means it can offer some of the biggest and best retail experiences in the world.

Our list of stores for this month is no exception, with many of the brands we’ve discovered choosing the US to build enormous flagships. Collaborations are a key theme, with stores partnering with artists, designers and startups to bring innovative experiential retail to visitors.

We have an iconic fashion brand displaying daring sculptural art, futuristic robotic installations at an eyewear store, and an elegant Parisian boutique with hints of 18th century splendour.

Read on to find out the best new retail stores to visit in the US.


Image credit: Chanel

Chanel, Los Angeles

Beverly Hills is the site of the new flagship from Chanel – its biggest store in the US.

The store is designed to evoke the history of Chanel, as well as look to the future. Each floor has a different theme, but the style is recognisably Chanel throughout the entire store. The black and white ground floor celebrates the two-tone fashion products for which Chanel is perhaps best known for. There is also an art installation by Michal Rovner, who created “Title TBC, 2022” around the poppy.

Customers can find accessories on the first floor, including a special salon for watches. Another art piece spans the floor – “Golden Lasso” – a giant string of pearls that pays homage to Coco Chanel’s famous necklace and was created by Jean-Michel Orthoniel. 

A display on the second floor contains the ready-to-wear collection, while changing rooms and VIP areas can be found on the next level. And visitors who make their way to the top floor can find an amazing rooftop garden as part of the Chanel penthouse.


Parfums de Marly, Los Angeles

Parfums de Marly, the bespoke fragrance brand, has opened a new flagship store in Beverly Hills.

The store continues the brand’s retail concept created by designer Hubert de Malherbe, with modern interiors juxtaposed with 18th century details. There is a gold ornate mirror above a cast iron fireplace, and an elegant chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

The space is light and airy, with bottles of perfume dotted throughout on highlighted shelves. The bottles also have a vintage style, with the display table in the centre of the store bringing to mind a French dressing table, providing the opportunity for customers to sit and test the store’s selection of products.


Image credit: Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster, Houston

A futuristic new store has opened in The Galleria from eyewear brand Gentle Monster, known for its innovative and surreal store designs.

The Houston space is one of the biggest opened by the brand and customers are greeted by several installations upon arrival: a large head that blinks and moves and The Probe, a six legged creature that can move.

The interior of the store is bold orange, white and black, bringing to mind science fiction spaceships, with glasses displayed in lit shelving. Customers can find Gentle Monster’s latest collection of glasses, BOLD 2, along with products from a collaboration with Maison Margiela.


Paris Saint-Germain/Lids, Miami

Famous French football team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has launched a new store in collaboration with headwear brand Lids, in Miami.

Customers visiting the store will be able to purchase not only hats, but accessories, jerseys, limited edition collections and collaborations. The store was launched with a collaboration between Nike and PSG, the new home kit collection. Another collection, from Estaban Cortazar, will also be available at the store.

The site contains a Lids customisation area, which allows shoppers to customise any of the products they purchase in-store.


Image credit: Collars & Co.

Collars & Co, Chicago

Following the success of a pop-up store in Virginia, Collars & Co., the shirt brand made famous on Shark Tank, has launched its first physical store in Chicago.

The shirts offered by the brand contain patented technology, a special collar that retains its shape. While Collars & Co. is perhaps best known for the Dress Collar Polo, which combines a polo shirt with its collars, it now has a wide range of stylish products for men. Customers will also be able to purchase the Quattro Flex, a specially developed dress shirt.

The store will be run by Leap, a retail platform that handles elements like the location and employees.

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