Join us at INTERLACED in September

This September, the INTERLACED conference brings together the minds, talents, creators and innovators who are shaping the future of fashion through technology. This event will inspire, educate, communicate, as well as showcasing the latest developments in fashion and technology.

We’re teaming up with INTERLACED to offer you a discounted package that includes a full-day Insider Trends retail tour and a full-access ticket to the INTERLACED conference.



The event will cover everything from ‘re-branding’ wearables to the opportunities for technology to create a sustainable future for the fashion industry, with a fantastic range of speakers that includes fashion pioneers, renowned leaders from the fashion and technology space, academics and exciting new talents.

Our discounted package includes a full-day Insider Trends retail tour on 2 September and a full-access ticket to INTERLACED conference and fashion tech show on 3 September.

The Insider Trends future of retail tour is a full-day experience that lets you discover some of the best retail concepts in the world, and meet the innovators shaping the future of retail. There’ll be a chance to meet some of the strategists and agencies behind some of these trendsetting projects too.

Tickets are limited to 12 participants per tour, so get them while you can!

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To find out more about INTERLACED, read our interview with founder and CEO, Kristina Dimitrova and discover why she’s so excited about the event.

Click here to buy your tickets. Look forward to seeing you!