Keynote Presentation

Full version of Cate’s opening keynote in Chile is now live

Last summer, our Head of Trends, Cate Trotter, was thrilled to present to 1200 people in Santiago, Chile.

It was a beautifully produced event – you can watch the full session below.

She spoke about digital-first business – how businesses can unlock exponential growth by fully embracing new tools and new ways of thinking.

She showed how applying tech should be about much more than doing the same things, faster. She showed how it enables a whole new way of interacting with customers – deeper, cheaper, better and on a global scale. It’s the type of thinking that enabled WhatsApp to grow a business worth $19bn, with a team of just 55 people.

You can find out more about Cate’s speaking experience – and view her 3 min showreel – here.