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The Best New Retail in New York – March 2024

New York is known for its wide range of art, from eclectic designs to classic pieces, which seems to have inspired the retail spaces we have found this month.

History and the past are still influential to retail, with store designers using retro colours and carefully chosen vintage pieces to add character to their spaces. One luxury store is displaying its collection of historical items like a gallery display, while another is using vintage fixtures as part of a wider maximalist design.

Artists and designers are also much sought after to craft custom furniture and fittings, curate collections of items, or create artwork to be displayed around the store.

Read on to enjoy the collaboration of art and retail in this month’s best New York stores.


Image credit: H&M

H&M, SoHo

Fashion retailer H&M has launched a new store concept in New York City with a second-hand element.

The new store blends SoHo art culture with digital elements designed to make the shopping experience seamless. The second-hand products are part of the Pre-Loved store within a store concept, the first one in the US. The items currently available are from James Veloria, a vintage store in New York City.

Tech features available to customers include smart mirrors in fitting rooms, which allow them to access product recommendations, choose other items, or request other sizes. To aid convenience, they are also able to check out using their phone without needing to go to a checkout. The store has implemented RFID to track stock, and there are lockers available to collect items purchased online.


Image credit: Malin+Goetz

Malin+Goetz, Madison Avenue

Inclusive beauty brand Malin+Goetz has launched its new store on Madison Avenue.

The store is called Madison Apothecary and has been designed to match the culture of the neighbourhood, such as the nearby Met gallery. The space is tranquil and minimalist, with green decor and wood sculptures, bathed in soft light.

The products are stocked in shelving units that are lit like museum display cabinets, with just enough provided to keep it uncluttered, allowing customers to browse with ease.


Image credit: Kartell

Kartell, Madison Avenue

A flagship store has been relocated to Madison Avenue by Italian furniture brand Kartell.

The store is laid out in vignettes to showcase the range of unique furniture. There are four large windows with different colour backgrounds that are used to display a constantly rotating selection of Kartell’s most popular items, including Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost chair. Additionally, a large digital screen communicates the Kartell approach to design.

The brand has a range of designers that they approach with briefs for new pieces. Each designer has their own take on the idea, and the materials used, and, due to their long-standing relationship with Kartell, a strong understanding of the brand’s ethos. This ensures that the pieces also work together and can be combined with each other.


Image credit: Chanel

Chanel, Fifth Avenue

Chanel has opened its first jewellery and watches store in New York City.

The store was designed by Peter Marino, well-known for his designs of luxury stores. The space reflects Chanel’s original boutique and includes a gold plated and crystal staircase, Japanese screens, fine arts and specially created furniture. It contains four rooms for jewellery, a room for watches and a gallery.

The items are only sold in-store, not online, and include collections exclusive to this location, including Lion Solaire, a nod to Coco Chanel’s star sign of Leo, and Eternal No5. Archival Chanel pieces will be on display for two months, including a diamond tiara and early Chanel designs. The store will also offer personalisation and customisation options for the Coco Crush collection.


FE Castleberry, West Broadway

FE Castleberry, an eclectic tailor, has opened his first retail store in New York.

The space is retro, with pink walls and a chequered floor, painted by the tailor himself. He has also filled the store with second-hand items bought and rescued from other spaces. The walls are dotted with art, some from friends, and others (available to purchase) from Chase Contemporary.

The bright space is matched by products on display, which encompass snakeskin, gold buttons, velvet, and unusual embroidery. There are also a few upcycled women’s vintage coats available, with the designer looking to source fur coats in future.


KidSuper, Williamsburg

Design brand KidSuper has chosen New York as the location of its new headquarters.

The space is designed to be a creative space and community hub for designers and artists, and includes an art gallery and studios for screen printing and photography, supported by a number of brand partners, including Starbucks and Jägermeister. It also houses a retail space for KidSuper clothing, a “Laundromat” for altering clothing and a library.

The store launched with an event including salsa music, tray service and panels on art and design. The brand hopes to launch a coffee shop, football field on the roof and a recording studio, in order to support as many creatives as it can.

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