The Burberry Beauty Box, Covent Garden

Burberry Beauty Box store front in London If you’ve recently visited London’s Covent Garden for a spot of shopping or a relaxing cup of tea, the chances are you may have noticed Burberry’s latest stand-alone beauty store, which opened on December 16th. The shop – named the Burberry Beauty Box – sits inside The Piazza, opposite a Burberry Brit boutique and adjacent to beauty stores from competitors in the fashion and beauty industries, Dior and Chanel. The Burberry Beauty Box, as the name suggests, first and foremost sells beauty products. The entire line of Burberry beauty products is available, from the likes of nail varnish to make up and fragrances. However, to complete the look visitors to the store will also have the opportunity to purchase Burberry bags, scarves and sunglasses, all housed in unique Burberry Beauty Box gift packaging. Burberry Beauty Box in London gift packaging London’s world-famous Covent Garden has seen a trend in emerging beauty shops recently, with the rival Chanel store opening last year, and Dior’s latest Beauty Boutique popping up just last month. The Burberry Beauty Box is said to have opened due to an ever-growing interest in the brand’s lines of makeup and fragrances, and increased sales from Burberry stores in the likes of Harrods and Selfridges. With the arrival of the Burberry Beauty Box and the endorsement of celebrities Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne, now is an exciting time for both Burberry and London’s luxury beauty industry as a whole. Although it is too early to gauge the success of Burberry’s Covent Garden store, there are already plans to roll out the concept of the Burberry Beauty Box across the globe.  One of the aims of the store is to pair up colours from the unique Burberry fashion range with shades of make-up and nail varnish, with a new colour trend for each month. On top of this, despite the rapidly approaching Christmas and the ever-growing cost of household bills, Burberry’s Beauty Box remains an affordable place to shop, with nail varnish available for as little as £15. Even if you’re unsure exactly what would make a great gift or work best with your skin tone, Burberry stylists will be at hand to advise you on any products and or help you to create a bespoke gift package. Products for sale in Burberry Beauty Box London One of the most exciting features of the new Burberry Beauty Box is a digital nail bar, which uses iPad’s and radio frequencies to identify and match skin tones to the range of Burberry nail polishes. This can save you hours of time spent with cotton wool and nail varnish remover, as you’ll be able to test out the latest shades at just the touch of a button. Elsewhere in the shop we find the matching of elegant beauty with modern technology, as the front windows feature a digital screen showcasing the classic Burberry checked design, and multiple iPad’s showcasing the latest products while hanging from a 16 foot chandelier. The more perceptive among us will even notice a lack of tills, as transactions are instead completed on iPhone’s or iPad’s. Inside the Burberry Beauty Box store All of the above makes for an exciting and innovative addition to the latest trend of beauty stores around Covent Garden and central London. Have you visited the Burberry Beauty Box yet? What did you make of the mix of beauty and technology?