Inside Lush Oxford Street

We were bowled over by the new flagship Lush Oxford Street store: a fun and inventive space, with a retail design that encourages customers to really explore the product range. We spoke to the Lush Store Designer, Jo Evans, to find out a little bit more.

What were the key things you kept in mind when devising the concepts for the new Lush Oxford Street store?

Our main concern at the beginning was to make sure the stairs we put in connected the three floors well. Product demoing is a big thing for us, so lots of sinks throughout the store were a must, as well as places for the staff to be able to sit with the customers to give consultations.
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What excites you the most about the new Lush Oxford Street store?

The size and the fact we had three floors to play with, without the restrictions of having to use what was existing. We designed the stairs to both floors which is something we haven’t been able to do before. The bird song in the lift is a little bit of fun.

What are you trialling or introducing for the first time in the Lush Oxford Street store?

We put 250 new products into this store so a lot of the furniture was re-thought to accommodate this. There is a Hair Lab where the customer is invited to try any of our hair products before purchase – they can even have their hair hennaed if they like.

Will you be introducing some of the innovations of the Lush Oxford Street store to other stores?

Yes, we are working on what they might be now.
Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, Lush, Lush, retail design, retail innovation, trend tours

We love some of the unexpected touches to the Lush Oxford Street store, such as the listening booths – what’s the idea behind these?

These booths came from an earlier gallery-style event we did for one of our perfumes. The booths have actually been used several times over before they got to Oxford Street! The store has a small gallery space used to showcase some of our fragrances, so the booths were reused for this.

Similarly, we’d love to know a bit more about the events space you have in the Lush Oxford Street store.

This space exists for inviting outside speakers from the charities,campaigns and causes we support to come and use our soap box. Likewise, we also hold classes on skincare and haircare etc, do demonstrations and hosts talks from our suppliers.

The store has launched with a bang – what’s the next big project for Lush?

To be able to have Oxford Street style stores all over the world.
Lush Oxford Street, Oxford Street, London, Lush, Lush, retail design, retail innovation, trend tours

What other stores are doing things in retail that you like and admire?

The small independents that really have a hands on bespoke approach to their products, the fine detail and genuine customer care. We’ve tried to bring these principles to the large scale of Oxford Street without diluting the experience.

Is there any system or solution that you’d like to employ that doesn’t exist yet? What would that tackle?

We haven’t done a Christmas yet so we’ll have to see!

Jennifer Hilton, International Project Manager, and Project Manager for Lush Oxford Street, adds:

The system solution I would like to see is click and collect, but also portable till systems that work with how we function as a retailer.

The new tech that we have installed in the store is the use of the digital touch screen on the first floor, which allows customers to navigate the website, visit our buying stories, take selfies. A specific installation of a high quality PA system facilitates the guest speakers and campaigns that run in the entertainment space. We worked with audio specialists on this, the audio system throughout the retail areas and spas, but also in designing retro-style listening posts which actually provide high quality sound of our spa and EEC 100 record releases, so that customers can experience the music and inspiration behind treatments and product inventions.

All images courtesy of Lush.

Visit the Lush Oxford Street store to experience the space for yourself, or come on one of our Trend Tours to see other London stores with similarly innovative retail design.