The Best of Insider Trends February 2020

Louis Vuitton – Retail Store
Image credit: Louis Vuitton


It’s been a busy February here at Insider Trends. This month, our recap brings you some of our most informative and inspiring interviews with industry experts as well as a highlight of the world’s best retail displays. Here’s the best of the IT blog for February 2020.


Shed Design – Visual Merchandising
Image credit: Shed Design


Top Insights

Engaging displays and visual merchandising are key to physical retailers driving footfall, raising brand awareness and building customer loyalty. From extraordinary facades and unusual interiors to eco-friendly displays and art installations, take a look at our list of 50 of the world’s best retail displays.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best and most innovative department stores in recent years – helping them to understand how their role in the digital world is changing. This post explores what the future holds for department stores, and how our keynote can help you get ahead.


UneeQ – Future Of Retail

Expert Interviews

We chatted to Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning at the World Economic Forum. Among other things, we discussed what the big questions around AI are, what brands should be doing to prepare themselves for its use and why it’s better to help shape the wheel.

Despite all the tech advances in retail, sometimes you just want to be able to talk to another person. But human interaction doesn’t always offer the same level of consistency and can be hard to scale. UNEEQ is offering the best of both worlds by making the human touch digital. We sat down with founder and CEO of UNEEQ, Danny Tomsett, to find out how digital humans may change the way we shop.

Anchor Shops is working to open its first distribution centre and retail site. Located in Philadelphia, these spaces will help digital brands gain access to physical space with no upfront costs. We caught up with Shlomo Chopp, founder and CEO of Anchor Shops, to find out why retail is getting experience wrong and how Anchor Shops is set to change that.


Samsung – Retail Innovation
Image credit: Samsung


Retail Openings

It’s been a busy start to the year with so many new and exciting retail stores worldwide. This month we were back in Tokyo and London to bring you the latest openings there. We also revisited the best new retail ideas worldwide to share the latest innovations.


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