The best of Insider Trends October 2016


With Halloween now over, it’s certain we’re going to well and truly be plunged into the Christmas spirit from here on in and soon it will be a brand new year for even more retail trends – where has 2016 gone?! We’re even already on to forecasting 2025 in one of our October posts where we’ve asked 17 leading retail design experts to share their predictions and thoughts on retail design. Anyway as you know, just as much as we love predicting we also love a good reflection on the month so here’s the rest of the best of Insider Trends this October.


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We spoke to CEO of SmartAssistant, Markus Linder on helping customers make better decisions and how being aware of this fundamental process will help to grow your business. It’s an interesting read for any retailer and potentially will make you think about a journey you’ve never thought of before. And while we’re talking about attitude, have you read our latest post on the mind-set of successful retailers? We’ve looked at the traits successful companies have in common and rounded them up for your reading pleasure.


We jumped at the chance to interview Public Factory founder Yazid Aksas ( whom we’ve admired for a while. Yazid has created a ‘Plug & Sell’ system that allows emerging designers to set up shop in a prime location, without the high costs and commitments normally required and of course we’re always looking to support such initiatives – we adore the creativity of the store.


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Cate has been busy speaking in the real world. In our latest retail trends speaker showreel she talks about the most important retail trends for the future, including Key Retail Trends, Getting Ahead in Omnichannel Retail, The Future of Technology in Retail and How to Spot a Trend. You can also see our pick of the best new stores putting these theories into practice in our London and New York. New for this month we also have the best retail trends of the up and coming cultural city of Berlin. It’s a packed post full of innovative ideas so spare some time in your lunch break today and get to know what’s happening creatively in this hip and happening city.


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