The Best of Insider Trends April 2017


We’re all about the unexpected and the unobvious at Insider Trends and this month our interviews have given us insight into some truly unique companies. First off, we caught up with Our/Berlin’s managing director Klas Kronaas to find out about what local production really means, how a network of stores can learn from each other, and the value of having shop, office and manufacturing operations in one place. Conceived in Sweden in 2011, Our/Vodka is not your typical drinks brand and Kronaas has given us quite the insight into one location production and sales.


Another big hitter for us this month was with Melissa Snover, founder of Katjes Magic Candy Factory, the world’s first producer of 3D printed gummy candy.  Snover spoke to us about how she partnered with 100-year old family business Katjes and exactly why they embraced 3D printing, With over 100 printers in 35 countries, it seems though it’s a risk that paid off.



Does your brand have a story to tell? The world of retail isn’t as easy as it used to be and retailers need to be aware of this. It’s not just about selling products, it’s about selling a lifestyle. We looked up the brands doing it right so you don’t have to – brands with fans, brands with culture, brands with a USP – which do you fit into?


Bless Berlin is a perfect more in-depth example of brands with a story. The secret shoppable living space is home to store resident Bert Houbrechts and while it very much looks like a home, every item can be purchased. The soft sell approach and detailed lifestyle make it a super case study for those looking the break the boundaries of a normal retail unit. Read the full interview with Houbrechts to find out what makes Bless tick and how to go about encouraging connection.


BlessBerlin - Retail Interior Design


The approach from Bless also blends very nicely into our article on the concept of ‘show don’t tell’ – the notion of pulling people in through character actions, speech and thoughts as opposed to just shouting out a message. The future of marketing is about genuine dialogue and interaction with customers. Read more on how to connect with your target market via the internet and social media in the blog post and if you’re really interested in the technology side of things, you can also read our retail trends fact file on mobiles – Did you know UK retailers saw an increase in online sales through smartphones and tablets up to 31%?


Pulling away from direct interaction with customers, we’ve also had a look at the rise of robotics in retail. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics on jobs have been an increasingly big talking point. A new report from PWC has predicted that 38% of existing jobs in the US, and 30% in the UK, could face automation by the early 2030s. Crazy increases and slightly scary for the prospect of jobs. We’ve investigated, let us know what you think.


Last on the list for this month is, of course, the latest in retail openings. Make sure you check out the best of New York’s lastest store openings which include both Sephora and Wolf & Badger as well our picks of the world’s freshest concept stores.


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